r Letter From Eastie: Why must trees die so that the Herald can live?
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Why must trees die so that the Herald can live?

It's not like I'm trying to make this a personal vendetta against the Herald, but they just keep taunting me. Take this wonderful little confection below (inflammatory words conveniently highlighted in red by me):
As local investigators hunt for a brutal ruler of the bloodletting MS-13 street gang on the run for executing 28 people on a city bus in Honduras, federal officials announced the arrests of more than 100 ``Mara Salvatruchas'' in raids across the United States.
The busts in seven cities since early January mark the start of a nationwide crackdown on one of the largest and most violent gangs in the country, with links to murder, machete attacks, rape and other crimes.
The announcement came days after Boston police were issued an intelligence alert about Alvaro ``Snoopy'' Bustillo - who is believed to have snuck into the United States armed with ``firearms and submachine guns'' just weeks after he allegedly assisted his fellow MS-13 members on Dec. 23 when they opened fire on a crowded bus in Honduras, killing 28 people and wounding another 29.
A bulletin was issued for Bustillo, 28, who may be headed to his mother's house in Freeport, N.Y., on Long Island, sources said.
At least two members of MS-13 who were deported managed to sneak back into the country and make their way to Boston. One of those men, Elmer ``Tiger'' Tejada, 25, was busted by Somerville Police in January. The other remains at large and has been spotted on the North Shore.
Federal officials estimate between 8,000 and 10,000 MS-13 members are in the United States illegally. This year, the Herald reported Boston police were stepping up efforts to monitor MS-13, which has a stronghold in East Boston, after the group was being eyed for links to al-Qaeda.
Yesterday, Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Michael J. Garcia said the 103 reputed gang members arrested have convictions for murder, sodomy(??), assault and arson.
Let's break this down. Yes, MS-13 was involved in the Honduras bus shooting and the Boston police may be on the lookout for this "Snoopy" character. They arrested Tejada, but as far as I can tell he had nothing to do with the bus thing or Snoopy. Two deported MS-13 members made it back into the United States out of approximately 3,000,000 people who cross the border illegally every year. Is this really that surprising given that it has recently been reported that people on the no-fly list can still legally buy firearms in the United States? I don't know what their definition is of a "stronghold in East Boston," but I do know that Eastie had one of the lowest homicide rates in the city of Boston. Can you guess what the 2004 homicide rate was in a city considered the "stronghold" of a "brutal," "bloodletting" gang? 100? Maybe, 50? Nope. A big, whopping 2. That's right. I said 2! And what was my source for this wonderful statistic? None other than the Boston Herald. They reported on December 31, 2004 in an article by Laurel J. Sweet, entitled "
Hub's homicide tally deadliest since 2001," that:
The majority [of people killed]- 24 - died in Dorchester. Roxbury followed with 17, Mattapan with seven, the downtown with five, South Boston with three, East Boston, Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain with two each and Roslindale and Charlestown both with one.
The last time I checked journalism was not defined as taking a group of unrelated facts and stringing them together into a convoluded narrative. But maybe I ask too much. Damn, my insane dependence on reality!

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  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Stevil said…

    "Bugs Bunny" Sanchez and "Speedy Gonzales" Rodriguez are still on the lam stemming from those sodomy charges. "Tweety Bird" Ortiz is sought for questioning for impersonating an English bobby, a term used for police officers in England, when patron's of Somerville's Good Time Emporium spotted the suspect in the parking lot yelling, "Wots all this then?" and "You're knicked!"

    "The last time I checked journalism was not defined as taking a group of unrelated facts and stringing them together into a convoluded narrative."

    Then you haven't checked since Jan 20th 2001...Obviously you haven't been reading the NYTimes' Judith Miller the past two years.


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