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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Too Cool for School. . .

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It seems the kiddies at Eastie High have been up to no good. The Boston Police had to break up a "skip day" party. According to the Boston Herald:

As many as 100 teens who should have been cramming for tests Friday at East Boston High were crammed instead into a two-room apartment, where police fought their way though a stampede over bottles of booze and burning candles.
Fearing the panicked youth would trample each other or be burned alive, Boston police juvenile officer Detective Don Stone reported he ``repeatedly screamed for the students to calm down,'' even as they tried to jump out first-floor bedroom windows to evade arrest. . .

The pre-school vacation ``skip party'' was hosted in the 204 Bennington St. home of Gregory Salinas, 18, who students slapped on the back and praised, ``Best party yet, Greg,'' even as cops were herding them out the door.
It was unclear if Salinas attends the high school, but police who arrested him said he tried to warn his guests to flee by hollering, ``Five-O!'' - street slang for cop - when they showed up at 11 a.m. thanks to calls from parents and neighbors.

First of all, "Five-O?" Do people still say that? I know I'm not up on the all the new fangled language that the kids are using, today, but that sounds pretty old-school to me. Did the cops say "book'em, Dano?" [Insert Hawaii 5-0 theme music as necessary] And I love that the Herald felt the need to explain to its readers that "Five-0" is "street slang" for "cop." So basically what the Herald is saying is that it's street slang for street slang since the last time I checked "cop" is also a slang term.

Second of all, since when is there such thing as "pre-vacation skip?" When I was a young lassie, there was only one skip day and that was "Senior Skip Day." You can't just be having skip days willy-nilly. That is a recipe for anarchy. Which would explain why:
Officers described the scene as ``complete chaos ... screaming, fighting, things breaking, loud music.'

[On a side note, because I pathetically needed to look up how to spell "willy-nilly" I inadvertantly came across a short blurb about the origins of the phrase. You can find it here. Just remember to thank me if that is ever your question on final Jeopardy.]


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