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Friday, March 04, 2005

When you're a jet, you're a jet. .

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It's a sad statement about my mind that when I read this story the first picture that came to my mind was the rumble scene from West Side Story. It's an even sadder statement on the amount of free time I have that I just spent half an hour looking for the pic online. In any event, here is another illuminating episode from the Boston Herald Police Logs:
Hammer time.
A brawl broke out in Maverick Square on Monday afternoon after three men got into an argument with two others at the corner of Bennington and Harve streets, an altercation that escalated when one party grabbed a hammer and said: ``Any time you're ready.''
The trio responded by slicing the hammer-wielding suspect across the chest with a steak knife.
The victim was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with a slice across the left nipple. The man with the knife fled the scene, leaving the GMC truck he was driving parked on the street.
Cops impounded the truck, which was registered to CRC Construction Inc. in Wakefield, until the owner shows up to claim it.
Issue #1: The corner of Harvre and Bennington Streets is nowhere near Maverick Square unless there is a wormhole that I am unaware of. (see map The green arrow indicates the closest address that I could think of to the corner of Bennington and Harvre and the red balloon is in Maverick Square. By the way, there is a whole story about street names in Eastie. Some day I will do a post on them.)

Issue #2: Once again I'm amazed by the level of detail in this story. ". . .A slice across the left nipple." Did we need to know it was the "left" nipple? And if the guy who ran away isn't the owner, then I'm sure that CRC Construction Inc. is just tickled pink that their name is attached to a notorious nipple-slicing incident in East Boston. It's only a matter of time before the Herald connects them to some gang-banger, terror cell.


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