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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bad Pizza is a crime.

Herald Police Log Watch:
The dough wasn't rubbery - but the money was.
An East Boston man slipped a Domino's pizza delivery man a bogus $20 bill to pay for a large pie delivered to 1144 Saratoga St.
``Keep the change,'' the apparently hungry counterfeit bill-passer told the driver before slamming the door Sunday night.
The driver looked at the bill, saw it was a fake and knocked on the door of the apartment, but there was no answer. He called Area A-7 cops, and detectives there will investigate.

This should be an open and shut case for the A-7 guys. Lets us set aside for a moment the fact that this person ordered a Domino's Pizza in a city full of real pizza--including what has often been referred to as one of the best pizzas in Boston. This in itself could be considered a crime. In addition to that, the customer exhibited some extremely suspicious behaviour. I know from my own personal experience delivering pizzas in Eastie that if a guy gives you a $20 bill for a single pie and tells you to keep the change, the bill has to be bogus.


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