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Monday, February 21, 2005

You can live on a tugboat!!

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For a mere $150,000 you can buy a tugboat. According to the Boston Globe:
A waterfront property with sweeping views of the city, loads of charm, and easy access to the airport for $150,000? Yes, if you want to buy David Rockwood's 85-foot-long tugboat, the Nauset, built in 1945 by the US Army Corps of Engineers.
''I'm still amazed by the view. I tell people that if you're in the wheelhouse and you're looking at the city's skyline you feel that if the buildings fell over it would fall on top of you. That's how close you are," said Rockwood, who along with his wife, Wendy Saver, have called the tugboat docked at the Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina in East Boston home for about five years. But Rockwood insists that selling the tug has nothing to do with inconvenience or living in tight quarters.

''It's just time for a change and I already miss it," said Rockwood. The couple recently sold their famed Emma's Pizza in Cambridge and decided to put the tug on the market. Besides dock fees, which at Boston Harbor marinas can run about $14,000 a year, Rockwood says the only other expense is electricity.

Man how awesome would that be? Inviting people to your "house" for the first time must be so much fun. Picture the scene:
Hypothetical You: Hey, are you coming over on Friday?

Hypothetical Friend: Yah, probably.

Hypothetical You: Do you get seasick?

Hypothetical Friend: Umm. . . Sometimes. . . why?

Hypothetical You: Because I live on a tugboat.


  • At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Tiffany said…

    I wish I had just not bought a house! I have always dreamed of being a tugboat driver, who thought you could live on one too. If only had known. They are the prolitariate of the sea when you think about it, and they are so gosh darn cute, so symetrical.


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