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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Politics of Dating

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This country has become so partisan we can't even sleep with each other any more:

First I heard about the Democratic Singles Network.
Your politics say a lot about you! We are a robustly featured dating site where democrats and progressives can find single people who share forward-thinking world views! It's free to join and initiate contact with thousands of liberal members. . .
Check our "Testimonials" link and see what our members are saying! Democratic Singles Network is totally non-corporate, democratically owned, and has donated $2000 this month to environmental causes! Our sign-up process is easy ~ join us!
That was bad enough, but then I heard about Hannidate 2005, Sean Hannity's own Conservative matchmaking service. That's right. You heard me. I said Sean Hannity. In the dating world he's known as Dr. Conservative Love. The truly horrible part is that somehow Sean Hannity has suckered these poor people into posting their actual email addresses on a public web page. Can you imagine the kind of mail these people will get? Think Progress has collected some of the best and the brightest of these Conservative singles on their web site.

Do you remember the good old days under the Clinton administration when Democrats and Republicans, could not only have sex with eachother, but they could even get married? Neither, do I. That was 150 years ago, right?

--Hannidate 2005 info via Wonkette


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