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Collaged view of Boston, from East Boston

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Does anyone else besides me. . .

uploaded by marilora.
remember The Stompers?

The answer is yes!
The Stompers story begins in the fall of 1977 when boyhood friends Sal Baglio and Mark Cuccinello decide to start a band. Steven Gilligan and Dave Friedman, the only people to respond to the index card posted on a music store bulletin board seeking musicians, arrive a short time later, on November 7th, 1977, the musical neophytes their first gig. More. .
Also, more here, where I found out this bit of info:
As early as 1978, a rapid breakout for the Boston-based locals seemed virtually assured. Their naive excitement and their fresh interpretations of rock's fundamental roots became contagious. One scorched summer day, the boys dragged all their equipment. up to the second floor of an apartment building converted to a recording studio. The primitive space had no air conditioning and mattresses were tacked up on the walls for sound proofing. From this sweaty initial session, the show stopper "Coast to Coast"' (backed with "I'm in Trouble") was recorded and pressed as a vinyl single. The band received instant gratification when film-meister John Sayles, included the track in his classic film, "Return of the Secaucus Seven"

The "band's" (actually, from what I can tell, Sal Baglio's) official web site can be found here.

Now for some funtastic music clips from Live Scrapbook:


Love is a Stranger

You're the One


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