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Friday, March 25, 2005

Loose ends.

First of all, thank you to Jay Fitzgerald at Hubblog for clarifying his issues with Universal Hub and for his nice emails. In this spirit of reconciliation, I offer a positive post about the Boston Herald. They had a nice write up of the latest show at the Atlantic Works Gallery. I really wanted to see this, but didn't get a chance and unfortunately it closes on Easter.
Art exhibit lets visitors see world through pets' eyes

Open the cage door, hop on the perch and swing like a bird.
Or crawl through the gerbil tube and explore the leisure activities of a rodent.
Sound weird?
Maybe that's what your pet thinks when he sees you chomping on a bag of chips every night in front of the TV.
Two East Boston artists want you to experience the world of a domestic animal with ``Pe(s)t,'' an installation that turns a gallery space into a human-size cage.
Visitors walk through a barred cage door into a gallery space covered with pine shavings. A pile of hay in the corner serves as a nesting area, and bright red plastic troughs of water and dried bread are there for the taking.
Those looking to express their inner canary or chihuahua can play with pastel foam rings hanging from the ceiling or swing from a well-anchored, human-size bird perch.
But before you get too comfy in the cage, watch your footing.
Brown papier-mache poop pellets are scattered through the shavings and unsettling puddles of yellow gelatin pet pee glisten atop the hay.
``It's a visceral, hands-on experience,'' said East Boston artist Peter Pizzi. ``A lot of people personalize their pets - they make their pets into people. We thought we'd flip that and give people the experience of a pet in a cage.
``We wanted to ask the question, `Are our pets having the experience we think they're having?’ ''. . .
In other news, the Boston Business Journal reports that something is finally being done with the old Joseph H. Barnes School on Marion Street. I don't remember when that school closed, but it's been sitting empty for at least 10 years. According to the BBJ, the East Boston Neighborhood Development Corp. will turn the old school into affordable senior housing. Hurray for any affordable housing in this city!


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