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Collaged view of Boston, from East Boston

Letter From Eastie

News and other items from East Boston, Massachusetts.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm really glad. . .

that there are people like this in the world. I see this man on the B Line almost every day. In my head he's called "DJ B-Line." He travels with his turn-table and DJ tools. He always stands against the left-side door that doesn't open until Park Street. Headphones pumping, he practices his DJ'ing. And by practice, I mean he mimes all of the moves. Scratching, fiddling with the dials, and even chaging records. He's oblivious to all of the T riders around him and unselfconscious. People just watch him and I watch them watching him. You can tell that they think this is all kind of strange, but they kind of like it--they are smiling. The best part of watching him is that he may be practicing to spin whatever is playing on his headphones, but to me, its like he's spinning the songs in my head and since my mp3 player is usually set to shuffle, he spins and ecclectic mix. Sometimes he's spinnin Beethovin, other times it's Loretta Lynn. Today he was spinning the Mary Jane Girls--don't ask. I'm glad that there are people like him in this world who can't be bothered to be ordinary. He makes me smile and he makes my fellow passengers mile and that is no easy feat on the B-Line.


Some remainders from my picture-taking adventure a couple of weekends ago:


Sunny Side: This row of houses reminds me of a rainbow.


Rocks and Sun


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