r Letter From Eastie: As if the 15 million "Axe" ads aren't enough.
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Thursday, March 31, 2005

As if the 15 million "Axe" ads aren't enough.

According the the Globe:
Desperate to raise more money without increasing fares, the MBTA is preparing to install its own closed-circuit television network in subway cars and stations.

T officials said the plan, which calls for installing television screens inside subway cars on the Red, Orange, and Blue lines, could generate $3.5 million in advertising revenues a year. But the televisions would mark a dramatic change for America's oldest subway system.

The network, which would probably offer a newscast in addition to advertisements, would be installed within the next year, according to the plan, which requires final approval from the T board.

Thankfully, "the system will be silent, with closed captioning and audio available on FM radio or FM-ready cellphones."

Maybe now the T will be able to afford to fix the problem with the Maverick Station escalator, which, according to an email I received from the T,

. . .malfunctions . . .because of one of the inherent safety features built in. The escalator has very sensitive side panel sensors that shut the escalator down when they are struck. Unfortunately the ongoing problem is that every time the sensors shut the escalator down, the process causes a circuit breaker to disengage. Only the maintenance contractor can reset the circuit and restart the escalator when this happens.

By the way, does anyone else other than me think those Axe ads are kind of offensive?


  • At 1:22 PM, Anonymous carmeller said…

    The Axe ads are really disturbing.


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