r Letter From Eastie: "Average" Eastie Boy Makes Good. . .
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Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Average" Eastie Boy Makes Good. . .

It seems that Boston reality TV fans have a new star to follow. Forget Boston Rob--who needs him? We've got Eastie Brian. The Boston Herald reports that Brian Worth, an Eastie native, is now famous for being the runner-up for Average Joe: Hawaii. He returns to the screen in Average Joe 4: The Joe's Strike Back. I say good for Brian. Milk it for al it's worth. However, not being a big fan of reality TV a couple of things struck me when I read this article.

1) We are already on Average Joe 4?? There have actually been 3 previous seasons of this show? Where the hell was I?

2) At first I thought he was runner-up Average guy, so I wondered is that a good thing or a bad thing? Does it mean you're not average enough or too average? Then after reading further in the article, I realized that he lost out to a "pretty boy." So that means Brian was the Numero Uno average guy, so snaps for Brian.

3) People in Sweden are watching this show? This is the representation of our culture to the people of Sweden? Gud förbjude (That's "God forbid" in Swedish.)


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