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Monday, June 20, 2005

Upcoming East Boston Artists' Group Events.

Gloria Carrigg, one of the coordinators of the East Boston Open Studios was nice enough to email me some flyers for upcoming events. If you can, please come out and support these wonderful artists. To quote Gloria in her email, "We want everyone in the community and the surrounded towns to come, enjoy and participate in our events." For more information about the East Boston Artists' Group in general, please visit their web site at
www.eastbostonartistsgroup.org. (I apologize for the formatting weirdness, it's a result of cutting and pasting stuff directly from Word.)

First on June 24th, they will hold the closing ceremonies for the Boston 375 People's Choice awards. I'll just quote from the flyer:
Even if you missed the 5th Annual East Boston Open Studios, there is still time to see this year’s special exhibit to commemorate Boston’s 375th anniversary.

Our exhibiting artists were asked to submit Boston inspired art pieces, and during Open Studios, visitors chose their favorite and elected a
People’s Choice Winner.

Come see if your favorite “People’s Choice” artwork was chosen.

Our Closing Reception will be held

Friday, June 24th 2005

80 Border Street, 2nd Floor
From 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

For directions visit: www.eastbostonartistsgroup.org or call 617-569-4888.

Second, on June 28th they will hold the
4th Tuesday Pot Luck Poetry and Art night. Again, I quote from the flyer:
4th Tuesday Pot Luck Poetry and Art

at 80 Border Street

Tuesday, June 28 – 6:30 pm to whenever

Hosted by Joda and Ejay Khan

Open Mike sign up starts 6:30 pm

Come One, Come All to a Feast for the Body, Mind and Soul

Hear established and up and coming poets, storytellers and musicians

Spit your words or the words of someone you feel

or take the mike to share your special talent

Share some potluck and good vibes (we provide beverages –

bring along a snack or favorite dish to share)

Featured Artist for June is Francisco Garcia – His Exhibit of Exquisite Nudes and Apple Oil Paintings is entitled:

Apples and Eve

Francisco was born in Marinilla, Antioquia, Colombia in 1959. He finished his painting studies at the Institute de Bellas de Medellin, and his sculpture studies at the Antioquia University. Francisco has had numerous national and international exhibitions including San Lucas Gallery in Bogota, the El Castillo Museum in Medellin, Museum of Modern Art in Bogota, Bellas Artes Institute in Medellin, Tufts University, New England Medical Center and Logan Airport in Boston, San Lorenzo Gallery in Italy, to name a few.

3rd Floor, 80 Border Street, East Boston, MA

Free Parking Available and located within walking distance of Blue Line Maverick T Station

Call Khan Studio 617-567-7693 for directions or more info,

Email khanstudio@comcast.net, or visit www.khanstudiointernational.com


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