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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Open Studios Comments

I'm promoting a comment on my original Open Studios post from Sandra Castillo the Coordinator of the East Boston Open Studios:
Thanks so much for letting people know about East Boston Studios and thanks so much if you got a chance to attend. My biggest worry was that no one was going to attend and I really tried hard to get the word out...But to see our own neighbors promote Open Studio means a LOT to me and mean a lot to us Artist. If you missed Open Studios don't fret!! We will be having a closing recepetion for the People's Choice/ 375 annniversery Exhibit at the end of the month and if you get sign our mailing list you can get information about up comming shows. Which if you haven't heard are pretty amazing. If anyone attended let me know what you thought about it...but please be gentle...it was the first time I ever did anything like this.Thanks again!Sandra CastilloEast Boston Open Studio 2005 Coordinator
I went to the Open Studios on Saturday and it was really wonderful. To know that there are so many talented people working right in my backyard is such a pleasure. I felt very welcomed by all the artists whose studios I visited. There were so many pieces that I would have loved to buy. I did leave with two beautiful prints of works by Elizabeth Hathaway. Orange, the group exhibition, was a collection of works all on the theme of "orange." It was very cool to see all the different ways that "orange" could be interpreted. Orange will be up until July 30th, so definitely check it out if you have time. Next weekend is Eastie's Seaport Festival at Piers Park, so you can check out the exhibition and then head over to the park.


  • At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Ron Newman said…

    I enjoyed Open Studios and would like to attend the closing reception. When and where is it?


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