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Monday, June 27, 2005

Art for Art's Sake.

Gloria Carrigg of the East Boston Artists' Group emailed me about another exhibit, although this time not in Eastie. (Hence my clever title as opposed to "Art for Eastie's Sake." Ok, it's not that clever. Whatever.) Please check it out if you have time and support Boston's wonderful community of artists. Here is the info from the flyer:
Contact: Sabrina Avilés (617) 640-8919

or sabaviles@yahoo.com

Theresa India Young (617) 421-0095

Gallery at the Piano Factory presents

Photographs and etchings by Mariliana Arvelo
Exhibit dates: July 7 – 30, 2005

Organized by Mariliana Arvelo and Sabrina Avilés

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 7, 20056 to 8:30 PM

Gallery at the Piano Factory
791 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

Boston, MA – The Gallery at the Piano Factory announces the first solo exhibit of Venezuelan photographer, Mariliana Arvelo. Opening reception takes place on Thursday, July 7 from 6 PM to 8:30 PM at the Piano Factory, 791 Tremont Street, in the South End. Exhibit will run through July 30th. Gallery hours are Fridays, 5 PM to 8 PM, Saturdays and Sundays, 12 PM to 5 PM or by appointment. The exhibit has been made possible in part by a grant from the St. Botolph Club Foundation. For more information, call Sabrina Avilés at (617) 640-8919, or the gallery’s curator, Theresa India-Young at (617) 421-0095.

Mariliana Arvelo’s “Senses” project documents the experience of the deaf/blind community in Boston through a series of photographs and etchings that are intended to be touched. Arvelo explores the interdependence of our senses and the private, intimate and expressive qualities of communicating with sign language.

Mariliana Arvelo was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1979. She graduated in 2002 from the New England School of Photography, specializing in editorial and photojournalism. Her work has appeared in several international publications and was recently awarded juror’s and viewer’s choice awards at a group show at MIT. Arvelo’s work focuses on the beauty, character, and experience of those struggling to cope with adversity. Her work has been shown at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester Massachusetts, the ARC Gallery in Chicago, the Panopticon Gallery of Photography in Boston, and the Danforth Museum of Art, among others.

She was the July 2004 featured artist at Boston University’s Photographic Resource Center. “Senses” is Arvelo’s first solo exhibit.

As Leslie K. Brown, curator of Boston University’s Photgraphic Resource Center states: “Her work transcends traditional realms of commercial and documentary work, uniting social concern with aesthetic mastery. Her beautiful composed, thoughtful images convey meaning though placement, color, and mood.”

About the Gallery at the Piano Factory

The Piano Factory, originally the Jonas Chickering Pianoforte (1853) was the first factory to combine all aspects of the manufacturing of pianos under one roof. Converted to affordable housing for artists in 1974, it is home to the Color Circle Art Publishing Company founded by nationally known artist Paul Goodnight and dedicated to making widely available the imagery of African Diaspora visual art. Some of the many artists who live and work in the Piano Factory include Erich Allen, Howard Armstrong, Barbara Ward Armstrong, Nora Mae Carmichael, and
Milton Derr. For more information, please contact the gallery’s curator, Theresa India-Young at (617) 421-0095.


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