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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Welcome to OutMO

Mongolsk hjem
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There is something I've been meaning to address on this blog for a while. Why is it that when I tell people that I live in East Boston, they have this impression that I live in Outer Mongolia? I always get, "Wow, how long does your commute take you?" or "How can you live so far from Boston?" Huh? And this is from people who live in Allston, Oak Square in Brighton, or Coolidge Corner. I live way the heck closer to the center of Boston than they do. Listen people, Eastie is one T-stop from the waterfront and two stops from the Financial District. I happen to work in the Allston/Brighton area, so it takes me 40 minutes, however, if I worked downtown, it would probably take me 20 minutes, including the bus to Maverick.

I have a feeling that this impression comes from the fact that you can't walk from downtown Boston to Eastie after the bars close. Oops. Was I implying that my friends are drinkers? Yes. Therefore, I propose to the City of Boston that a walking bridge be built from the Boston waterfront to the East Boston waterfront. Thus, elliminating the last impediment to the gentrification of East Boston, known in technical terms as the "I can't get home after the bars close because the T is closed" conundrum.


  • At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Brandon said…

    A bridge, my friend, would be a wonderful idea...even if it were merely 4 feet wide.


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