r Letter From Eastie: Attention condo buyers! Eastie is not the South End.
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Monday, December 05, 2005

Attention condo buyers! Eastie is not the South End.

I keep reading comments on other blogs and news articles about East Boston, which keep harping on this idea of East Boston becoming the next South End or North End. Listen people, East Boston is nothing like the South End and frankly, I don't think it ever will be, despite the real estate hype. Personally, I think that is a good thing. I like my neighborhood neighborly. I like living with other real people and not having tourists trapsing all over my town, but what do I know. The bottom line is that from the day the East Boston Company layed out the plots that would become East Boston way back in 1833, there have been visions of Eastie becoming the playground of the rich. A place where the well to-do would build their summer homes. And right from the beginning, the working class moved in instead. My question is, why on earth does anyone want Eastie to be the South End, or the North End, or Somerville for that matter? Why does everything have to be the cookie-cutter image of everything else. The truth is that the "dive bars" and "ghetto stores," and taco places that line the streets of Eastie make up a scene. It just doesn't happen to be your scene. Instead of trying to force that scene out to create some bourgeois, idea of hip, why not come to Eastie with the idea of creating something new. Why can't Eastie be a place where you can get a latte and a pupusa?


  • At 10:15 AM, Blogger FirstEvil said…

    Eastie is NOT hip. There is NO scene. What there is is a proliferation of gang violence and graffiti, like what happened to some buildings in my area over last weekend. MS-13 gangs are running rampant and Eastie needs to clean up it's act! The police have to take notice and start doing something. If developers want to come in and sterilize the place then I'm all for it! Send the bad element away. I've had it with the gangs and the trash and the illegal businesses sprouting up! (oh yes, it happens) Eastie is a slum and that does not translate to hip or cool. It just means SLUM. I can't wait for the yuppies and Starbucks. I wish they got here yesterday!

  • At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    being so close to downtown Boston eastie is a jewel of a place to live, work or own real estate, but it does need to be maintained to a civil level of living. The people of Eastie are hard working and very proud people and we all know what Eastie is worth to developers and to the city of Boston as a tax base. keep eastie clean and civil, get ride of the gangs and graffiti and maintain your properties, sweep your sidewalks and remember you live in a truly wonderful place that the ultra rich would love to have and the poorest of the poor would love to have. I'm a proud Italian/American who grew up in Eastie and I only see it as something place special but it does need to be cleaned up a bit and maintained better by the City who historically never gave eastie a second look.


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