r Letter From Eastie: Cops don't have mullets!
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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cops don't have mullets!

This is quite possibly the funniest arrest report I've ever read, but I'm glad the kid is safe. From the Boston Herald:
Paul Costa Jr. said he was walking home from a bus stop at Marion and Bennington streets when Hyland rushed him from behind.
“He ran up to me and grabbed my arm and I turned around and balled up my fist cause I didn’t know who he was,” Costa said. “And he was like ‘Oh, I wanted to see if you had any weapons’ and he patted me down. I was like ‘Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me.’ ”

The boy told his father. Quoth the father:

“I ran up to the driver’s side and said, ‘Why you telling my son you need to check him for weapons? What cop are you?’ ” said Paul Costa Sr. “I knew he wasn’t a cop. Cops don’t have mullets like that.

Full story here:


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