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Saturday, November 06, 2004

An open letter.

Dear So-called "Christians,"

Lately I've been hearing a lot about you all, but I'm having trouble understanding you. You see I always thought that I was raised as a Christian. It's a funny thing though, because I was always taught to love my neighbor and not only that, but here's a nutty thought, to love my enemy as well. I learned that Jesus loved the poor and the sinners. Somehow, I must have missed the lesson that said that it's ok to hate gay people. And clearly I was absent from religion class the day they taught that even though the commandment says "Thou shalt not kill," what God actually meant was "Thou shalt not kill except abortion doctors and prisoners on death row."

The other day watching one of the morning "news" programs, I saw a perky anchor woman speaking to one of President Bush's "spiritual advisors" who referred to Roman Catholics, as well as Jews and Muslims, as something other than Christians. Now I know that neither Jews nor Muslims are Christians, but Roman Catholics? This sent me into somewhat of a spiritual crisis. All those years of Catholic school, and Easter Sundays, and Stations of the Cross, and all those Christmas buttons given to me by the nuns that said "Jesus is the reason for the Season," must have all been a lie, because all those years they made me believe that I was a Christian. I thought to myself, someone as important as a "spiritual advisor" to the President of the United States, could not be wrong about something this important, could he? But then I remembered that another thing all those religion teachers and priests' sermans taught me was that human beings tend to be fallible. They make mistakes and they must be forgiven for those mistakes. So I forgive this man and all the other "Christians" out there, who have forgotten that Catholics are in fact Christians and have, it seems, forgotten what it means to be Christian.



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