r Letter From Eastie: Main Streets to Bring WiFi to Eastie?
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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Main Streets to Bring WiFi to Eastie?

The Boston Main Streets program is looking to bring wireless internet service to businesses in Eastie as well as other Boston neighborhoods as part of their efforts at revitalization. Will that mean I'll be doing my blogging directly from the streets of Eastie? I won't hold my breath.

[The Boston Main Streets Program is] trying to launch pilot WiFi service in six Main Streets districts: West Roxbury, Chinatown, Washington Gateway in the South End, south Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, East Boston, and Roslindale.

If things go according to plan, anyone coming into these districts could tap into the Internet for free using their specially equipped laptops, handheld computers, or other devices.

''It could be a dog kennel or it could be a hair salon, restaurants, coffee shops, parks -- places where people congregate," said Steve Gag, president of the Roslindale Village Main Street board of directors and an aide to Mayor Thomas M. Menino.
--Boston Globe

"It could be a dog kennel?" Do people congregate at dog kennels? Is this something new the kids are doing?


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