r Letter From Eastie: East Boston High Student Tells Romney and GOP to Shove It.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

East Boston High Student Tells Romney and GOP to Shove It.

Ok, Felipe Hernandez didn't really tell them to shove it (I'm sure he'll leave that to Theresa Heinz Kerry). He did, however, protest the GOP's trying to appeal to voters' worst instincts in their literature by attacking Dems for supporting the bill that would make it legal for the children of illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition at Mass. state schools, if they have lived in Mass. for at least 3 years and graduated high school. As usual the GOP conveniently forgets facts. Like, for example, the fact that the bill is not only supported by Dems, but also some Republicans. Hernandez said:
It's OK that you do not agree with the dreams of immigrant children, children who had no part in the decision to come to this country, but what is not OK is that you are using our situation to gain votes for your candidates. It is not only wrong, but immoral.''
Right on Felipe! 150 people attended the protest at the State House.

--Boston Herald


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