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Collaged view of Boston, from East Boston

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Art Events to Check Out

Here are a couple of ongoing exhibitions sent to me by Gloria Carrigg of the East Boston Artists Group:

Jorge Guzman Salvadoran painter will be exhibiting his Paintings At the Boston Public Library, Connolly Branch in Jamaica Plain. People can view his colorful art exhibit "IDENTITY", which is curated by Gloria, from March 1st through March 31.

Exhibition Boston.ai


Also Gloria Carrigg will be participating in the "Boston My Neighborhood" collective art exhibit in Hyde Park MA. at the George Robert White Building, 26 Central Ave.Hyde Park, MA 02136. The exhibit runs from March 12 through May 12, 2007. Opening reception to be announced. Please stay tuned


And last but not least, a little far flung for my Eastie blog, but if anyone happens to be in New York in March Gloria Carrigg will be participating in a Latin group exhibit "United By The Art" in Long Island, NY. The exhibit can be viewed from March 2nd to March 31. Gloria is exhibiting photographs from El Salvador from her many trips to her native country. For more info. please check www.ikarusgallery.com.

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