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Monday, March 20, 2006

Rock en Espanol in J.P. this Sunday.

Thanks to Sandra Castillo of the East Boston Artists Group. I'm a little late for the deadline for reservations, but I would guess that if you are interested in going it's worth it to call anyway:
Esta es una iniciativa de la comunidad latina que envuelve a musicos, activistas, intellectualesy artistas de todo Iberoamerica. Queremos pedir el apoyo de nuestros representantes politicos y academicos. Esta iniciativa es sin fin de lucro y nace genuinamente de la comunidad.

This is a community initiative that involves musicians, activists, intellectuals and artists from all of Iberia-America. It is a grass-roots non-profit initiative and we ask for your support along wioth the support of our political representatives and the academic community.

ZUMIX (community arts organization) Casa de la Cultura East Boston, and the CULTURAL AGENTS INICIATIVE at HARVARD UNIVERSITY

invite you to:

A Night of Rock en Español


Center Street, Jamica Plain, MA 02130

Sunday, March 26th 9:00 PM

performing live


guest performance by




$5.00 admission 21+

For Info and reservations call 617-417-2524. Space is limited. RSVP by March 20th.

El cupo es limitado Cada agencia y consulado tiene cuatro entradas de cortezia pero deben reservar a mas tardar el lunes 20 de Marzo


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