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Friday, September 03, 2004

Good Neighbors

Since by posting this link East Boston.com seems to think that people need to know what political campaigns their neighbors donate to, I've decided to admit in the interest of full disclosure that I did in fact donate $25.00 to the Kerry campaign, although I do not seem to appear on this list--and I am damn proud of it.

I'm not sure what the purpose of the "fundrace" site is. I question any web site that does not have a statement of intent or purpose, or at least an "about" page. Why would you want to know where your neighbors donate money? As long as they are not breaking the law, they have a right to donate to whatever political party they choose. I understand that it's public record for donations of $200.00 or more, but to have a "neighbor" search just strikes me as kind of creepy.


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